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            Our Products: Deep Penetrating Sealer(DPS)    Concrete Sealer(CS)    Repair Mortar Overlay (RMO)    Top Seal(TS)   
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              Goodcrete Waterproof Protective Materials Co. , Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the producing of concrete waterproofing and protective materials, it is founded in 2009 by Dr. Chen who completed his study and returned from US, the registered capital is RMB 1,000,000.00. On the basis of many years study and research on the technologies of concrete waterproofing and anti-corrosion, he leaded the R&D team successfully developed nano-crystalline water proofing/sealing Agent: GOODCRETE Deep Penetrat -ing Sealer ( DPS) and GOODCRETE Concrete Sealer(CS), which can slove so many defects of concrete structure and give the concrete all-sided protection.
              GOODCRETE Co. is the uni que enterprise that own the penetrating crystallization co re producing technology in China, and the quality/perfor mance of our products all reached,even exceed the in ternational first class similar products'.Till now, for our pr oducts' excellent quality , co mpetitive prices, professiona l and responsible service, ou r products have been used in lots of well-know n project s of highway/airport/station/ tunnel/air-raid shelter/sewage treatment/super market etc, and we received high reputation from our customers.
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              Goodcrete Deep Penetrating Sealer Product data sheet
              Goodcrete Deep Penetrating Sealer Technical data sheet
              Goodcrete Deep Penetrating Sealer MSDS data sheet
              Goodcrete Lithium Concrete Sealer Product data sheet
              Goodcrete Lithium Concrete Sealer Tichnical data sheet
              Goodcrete Repair Mortar Overlay Product data sheet

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              wear-resisting floor, cement floor, concrete ground, why want to use Goodcrete CS sealed concrete curing agent processing?
              use Goodcrete CS had a shiny surface floor will cause the skid? Because people usually have such a concept: polished floor is very slippery.
              many rough concrete ground use Goodcrete CS process?
              new, old terrazzo floor use Goodcrete CS process?

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              Almost can be used for all concrete constructions that need waterproofing, moisture proofing, anti-penetrating, whatever new or old, below and above ground, indoors and outdoors. But, strongly recommended for the infrastructure, industrial and commercial buildings, such as, Subways, Civil Air Defense, Bridges, Decks, Dams, Tunnels, Reservoirs, Underground Passages, Plants, Warehouses, etc.

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